Saturday, June 1, 2013

Help! I've Lost My Imaginary Friend...

Throughout my writing career, I've taken classes and listened to talks on characterization.  The goal is to create an imaginary friend that will leap from the page and into your reader's hearts.  

Easy, right?    

Not so much.  

Today, as I write the second book in my new series, I am struggling.  I love these characters.  I lived with them for months when writing Shadows of Fate.  But, today, I can't get a handle on what they would do in the newest crisis I have thrown them into.  How can that be?  By now I should know them inside and out.  I tell myself I am a horrible writer, throw my hands into the air, and try not to scream (I am a writer, thus allowed to be temperamental).   

Frustration is a powerful thing, and it leads to writer's block.  I, for one, do not have time to search for my imaginary friends.  I have deadlines for my first book I have to meet, deadlines for this book I have to meet, and a beautiful son that doesn't understand why mommy has to write when he wants to play. All of these things make for a stressed out Angela, and a stressed out Angela cannot be creative.  

I try to slow my racing pulse, light a lavender candle (that's soothing, right?), and redirect my muse.  I've always found that if I trick her into doing something different (successfully), she will be more than happy to help me after a brief stint away.  Deep calming breaths, and good music are also absolutely necessary. 

So, today, instead of chasing down my imaginary friends I am writing this blog...did it work?  I'll let you know...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Welcome to the Journey

"I am a published author, blogging doesn't intimidate me at all," I state with false confidence and then, once no one is looking, scamper under the nearest table praying I don't get struck by lightning for telling such a blatant lie. 

An intensely private person, blogging terrifies me. Heck, I only share my pen names with my closest friends.  My goal is to recover from this fear of exposure, which is why I am starting a blog. And, yes, I will tell people about it.

Even so, the idea of sharing my innermost secrets with the world is on the same level as tearing off a limb and giving it to a total stranger. This is why I write fiction. Made up worlds and characters allow me to hide my secrets inside a fictional form. No one knows they're mine, right? My heroines spew pithy comebacks that I wish I could think of in real time. They strut fearlessly through worlds filled with chaos and violence as I remain safely behind my computer.

Well, today I'm being fearless. I'm putting it out there for the world to see. Welcome to my journey. Make sure to buckle your seat-belt, it's going to be a rough ride.