Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shadows of Fate, Coming Spring 2014

I got my blurb!!  I got my blurb!!   

Redemption lies beyond the veil between truth and lies.

  Shadow Born, Book 1 
     After witnessing her husband’s brutal murder, Brenna Baudouin lost control of her Shadow Bearer powers and wreaked havoc on her home world. Her penance: one hundred years policing hordes of supernatural misfits that  spilled onto  the Earthly plane after a cataclysmic war. 
     She’s on a routine exorcism run when she learns she’s been  assigned a new partner. But there’s something about this  Shadow Bearer that sparks her suspicions. Particularly when people closest to her start turning up as piles of ash. 

     Gray Warlow holds tight to the glamour that allows him to get  close to the woman on whom he plans to wreak vengeance  for  betraying his people. Yet as he skillfully manipulates his  way  past her distrust, he begins to see her not as the  heartless  monster he was led to believe, but a strong,  vulnerable woman.

     As they work to put together the pieces of a killer’s macabre puzzle, an attraction deeper than blood and bone flares  between them. And they must reveal their deepest secrets to avoid becoming the final targets. 

Warning: A thrill ride of supernatural proportions. Contains  violent battle scenes, nail-biting suspense, crazy hot sexual  tension, and enough twists and turns to make your head spin.

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